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New corona virus measures



Virus Killer is a natural product containing polyphenols (fatty acid flavonoids) extracted from grapefruit seeds.
Antibacterial agent formulation.

The RNA-type enveloped corona-virus is considered to be effective, and it has been proved that the same type of influenza and avian influenza are also present.

If you use artificial substances or chemicals such as alcohol and chlorine components, resistant viruses and fungi will be born, but natural sterilizers are said to be resistant to viruses and resistant. ..

If you put a virus killer in a portable humidifier (not a heating type), you can sterilize the space in the vicinity of yourself, in a car, during a meeting, in a place where people gather, such as a train, to protect yourself from viruses. You can always protect.

②Immunity up

The “incorporation of hydrogen ions into the body” is attracting attention in the medical field because it improves immunity.

Among many hydrogens, hydrogen oxygen inhalation can inhale “ionized hydrogen” and remove active oxygen.

In particular, it can remove active oxygen in the intestine, so it can be expected to improve immunity.
Active in places where people gather, such as meetings!

Recently, he said, “A 95-year-old grandfather has recovered from being transferred to a room to be taken care of in a hospital due to pneumonia, sepsis, and urinary stones.”


Athlete and super red blood cells

Compared to conventional red blood cells, super red blood cells have a very high oxygen supply and are rich in antioxidant enzymes.

Therefore, sufficient oxygen is replenished to cells that have not been able to perform their original functions due to lack of oxygen, and cells throughout the body are activated.

It activates metabolism, facilitates the flow of red blood cells, increases energy and antioxidant enzymes, and makes the body less prone to illness.

By inhaling “ionized hydrogen”, “super red blood cells” will increase more and more, and athletes will be able to exert their power more.


Energy-enhancing to improve car fuel efficiency

Energy up is a simple device that only winds around the air cleaner in the engine room and the intake air hose between the engine, and improves fuel efficiency by 10% or more.

The combustion efficiency of the engine is improved, and you can feel the reduction of black smoke and exhaust odor due to complete combustion.

Complete combustion improves output, reduces harmful exhaust emissions, reduces exhaust gas odor, removes carbon from the engine and prevents it from adhering to prolong engine life.

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