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For new coronavirus measures!

Spatial disinfection with a portable humidifier

 Natural antibacterial/bactericidal agent Vira Killer derived from grapefruit seeds



Virus Killer is a natural antibacterial formulation containing polyphenols (fatty acid flavonoids) extracted from grapefruit seeds as the main ingredient.

Since Virus Killer is not volatile, it can be effective with a single spray or spray.

Virus Killer is thought to be effective against this RNA-type enveloped corona-virus.

The same type of flu and bird flu have been proven.

Unlike chemical chemicals, natural germicides are said to be resistant to viruses.

When artificial or chemicals are used, resistant viruses, fungi, and resistant bacteria are born.

It is a 100% organic disinfectant that is tasteless, odorless, and harmless to humans and animals.

All made from foods and food additives, they are free of alcohol and chlorine.

It can be used safely even in the presence of small children.

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