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hydrogen Inhaler (HHO)

Crystal of technology born from years of research Hydrogen oxygen inhaler

No ozone is emitted. Made from pure water.
It is a mixed gas of hydrogen and oxygen and can be used with confidence!
It is a device that can generate a large amount of high-concentration hydrogen oxygen gas with 67% hydrogen and 33% oxygen, which is not available anywhere else!

<HHO inhaler with hydrogen concentration of 670,000ppm>
Hydrogen oxygen gas composition: 67% hydrogen, 33% oxygen, no carbon dioxide detected, 0.6% nitrogen
*Gas chromatographic method: Japan Food Analysis Center analysis results

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Interview with Dr. Hoshiko at Hoshiko Clinic

Interview with Dr. Hoshiko Illness / Anti-aging and Hydrogen

Interview with Dr. Hoshiko Difference between hydrogen oxygen inhalation and hydrogen inhalation

Interview with Dr. Hoshiko Immunity and hydrogen

Interview with Dr. Hoshiko General commentary on hydrogen

Interview with Dr. Hoshiko Sleep and hydrogen

Interview with Dr. Hoshiko Sports and hydrogen oxygen inhalation

Interview with Dr. Hoshiko: Cancer and hydrogen oxygen inhalation

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Various handling methods of hydrogen oxygen inhaler

A video introducing the installation method and water exchange method for each S to L size of the hydrogen oxygen inhaler.

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