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hydrogen Inhaler (HHO)

Crystal of technology born from years of research Hydrogen oxygen inhaler

No ozone is emitted. Made from pure water.
It is a mixed gas of hydrogen and oxygen and can be used with confidence!
It is a device that can generate a large amount of high-concentration hydrogen oxygen gas with 67% hydrogen and 33% oxygen, which is not available anywhere else!

<HHO inhaler with hydrogen concentration of 670,000ppm>
Hydrogen oxygen gas composition: 67% hydrogen, 33% oxygen, no carbon dioxide detected, 0.6% nitrogen
*Gas chromatographic method: Japan Food Analysis Center analysis results

「my mother」 Machine features


The new high-concentration hydrogen oxygen inhaler my mother can be operated continuously and the amount generated is one of the highest in the world.
The key to the hydrogen-oxygen inhaler is the structure of the electrodes and cells.

The optimum cell differs depending on whether it is a large-capacity type or a compact type.
There are two types of electrode cell methods that generate hydrogen and oxygen gas: wet cells and dry cells.

A platinum-plated titanium electrode is used for the electrode.



Platinum plated titanium electrode

Dry cell

This type prevents water from leaking to the outside of the electrodes. Water can be circulated through the gaps between the electrodes to reduce the amount of water, and the water can be cooled, enabling continuous operation. Suitable for large capacity type specifications.

Wet cell

It is a type that puts the electrode in the water tank. The structure is simple, small and suitable for portable specifications.

Platinum plated titanium electrode

Platinum-plated titanium electrodes have high electrochemical catalytic performance and excellent durability. Among them, we use the highest grade electrodes made in Japan.

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my mother Other features

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my mother Options / Usage

micro bubble kit

Custom colors

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How to use my mother L size

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落谷 孝広

Professor, Molecular Cell Therapy Research Division, Medical Research Institute, Tokyo Medical University. He conducts basic research aimed at establishing new diagnostic and therapeutic methods for various diseases including cancer. Nucleic acid medicine, bioimaging, stem cells, regenerative medicine, cell engineering, molecular oncology. Based on the experience accumulated in these fields, we constantly challenge to develop new fields and promote nucleic acid medicine to doctor-led clinical trials. We are also developing preclinical trials of microRNAs and practical development of body fluid diagnosis.

In addition, he focused on the extracellular vesicles (exosomes) secreted by cancer cells and revealed one after another the exosome tactics for survival in the host by using their communication ability as a weapon. We are approaching a new understanding.

He is also studying the effectiveness of hydrogen.

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星子 尚美

Director of Hoshiko Clinic. She offers alternative medicine only for free medical care, aiming for holistic medical care. He is famous for his integrative medicine, cancer treatment and hydrogen treatment. His areas of expertise are cancer treatment, preventive medicine, anti-aging, dietary education guidance, and hydrogen treatment. Received the Prince Naruhiko Higashikyu International Cultural Award for his contribution to preventive medicine.

He is being treated with a hydrogen oxygen inhaler.

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