2-26-7 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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Garbage disposal machine KID system annihilation type microbial processor

Garbage, dehydrated sludge, human waste sludge, livestock manure, and livestock carcasses are not removed from the machine and are eliminated by the power of microorganisms without draining.


<Features of the system>

・ Disappearance of organic residue using IWAO bacteria (876 types of microorganisms)

After -24 h, the thrown-in waste extinguished least 99%

– taken out of it, there is no need of a place to fill

– burned not

– not out dioxin

It reduced -90% or more of carbon dioxide

And drainage unnecessary (do not use water)

· IWAO bacteria safety harmless

And processing up to one ton per day


Registration Criteria “Excellent technology that contributes to industrial development in developing and emerging countries”

・ Applicability in developing and emerging countries
・ Comparative advantage over competing technologies
・ Consistency with the role of industrial development played by UNIDO
・ Contribution to sustainability when the technology is applied
・ Technical maturity


2014 Introduced a 500KG processing machine to the Tsukiji Market, the central wholesale market in Tokyo.
Eliminate the result residue every day for 4 years and 6 months.

(Treatment without overflowing residue)

2018 Introduced 300KG processing machine to Toyosu Market, Central Wholesale Market, Tokyo.
Currently, fruit and vegetable residues are being extinguished every day.

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