2-26-7 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

CEO Yuko Miwa


Head office:2-26-7,Nishiazabu,Minato-ku,Tokyo

Telephone number 03-3797-6064

Yokohama office:4-36-9, Eda Higashi, Tsuzuki Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
telephone 045-511-8308
FAX 045-511-8309

Manufacturing plant
1770 Orihon-cho, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa


Establishment  since 1965

Capital 20 million yen

Business content Architectural design, environment/energy business, immune/health business, management business

We will provide services to help people around the world live in peace against global pollution, global warming, and energy problems.

We will tackle the problem of global pollution with the latest technology.

If Japan is the only country, we will use Japan’s cutting-edge technology to transform Japan and other countries.

We will continue to expand our business and lead each field with a multifaceted perspective.

AMK group  AMK PAKISTAN SAUDI ARABIA、AMK JAPAN.We has overseas bases and is active globally.

We will expand, provide, and lead services in Japan, Asia, the Middle East, and so on, so that all people living on earth can live with peace of mind.

Miwa Kankyo has created the environment through architectural design.
Since 3.11 in 2011, we have begun to focus our attention on energy and the environment. Currently, we are developing and providing technologies at the human potential, cell, nerve, blood, and mitochondrial levels as an approach to the cellular level of the body to save the earth. For this reason, as technology for the future, we are providing technologies that use the inherent power of the earth and the universe, such as elementary particles, photons, and magnetic forces.
We are also taking a new approach to agriculture using scientific techniques such as soil improvement using 700,000 species of microorganisms extracted from plants.

Furthermore, by having a unique global distribution network in the Middle East, Russia and Europe as our own global network, we are tackling global issues so that people around the world can live in peace.
We globally develop, manufacture and sell products that use scientific technology to improve the environment and body.

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Run the world's top

While working on the business with the aim of creating a living shape with the earth, we will continue to make progress day by day with awareness of the happiness of all the people beyond the service.

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Advisor introduction of Miwa Kankyo Co., Ltd..

Takashi Asami Profile

Founding of TAC Associates, President and Representative Director of Spalding Japan Co., Ltd. and Southeast Asian Market, Johnson & Johnson Co., Ltd. Senior Vice President, Revlon Co., Ltd.

Conducted consulting, training, coaching, lectures, etc.

Ochiya Takahiro Profile

Professor, Department of Molecular Cell Therapy, Tokyo Medical University Research Institute. Conduct basic research aiming at establishing new diagnostic and therapeutic methods for various diseases including cancer. Nucleic acid drugs, bioimaging, stem cells, regenerative medicine, cell engineering, molecular oncology.Based on the experience accumulated in these areas, we constantly challenge the development of new fields and promote nucleic acid drugs to clinical trials led by doctors. We are also developing the pre-clinical tests of microRNA and the practical development of body fluid diagnosis.

Furthermore, by paying attention to extracellular vesicles (exosomes) secreted by cancer cells, and revealing the tactics of exosomes that have survived in the host by using their communication ability as a weapon, new cancer I’m trying to understand. Especially, elucidation of the metastasis mechanism of cancer by microRNA encapsulating exosomes and its application to diagnosis, and the development of new therapeutic methods targeting exosomes are regarded as new research fields in the future, and not limited to cancer, Since the role of exosomes in the development of various diseases has been elucidated so far, we are working on research and development so that diagnostic methods and therapeutic methods targeting exosomes that we develop can be used for these diseases as well. ..

Kizaki Toru Profile


Representative of DAILY PLANETS 21. Director of Japan Broadcasting Artists Association, Fuchu City Music Culture Collaboration Advisor, Adviser of Pasona Co., Ltd., Toyo Kasei Co., Ltd., GENCO Co., Ltd., Noda Racing Academy CEP, Reiji Matsumoto, Chairman of Galaxy Museum Establishment Preparation Committee.

As an advisor to Toyo Kasei, produced vinyl analog records, which have been attracting worldwide attention, and released ASKA, Anri, and Lisa Ono.

As Noda RACING Consultant & Academy CEP, produced the world’s youngest 13-year-old female middle school student F3 racer JUJU.

Kazuhiro Koike Profile


President and CEO of Traders Securities Co., Ltd., established Top Left Co., Ltd. (current position), Chairman and CEO of CMC Markets Co., Ltd., President and CEO of IG Securities Co., Ltd., Management Advisor of Hybrid Service Co., Ltd., Advisor of NEXTGROUP.

Currently, he is engaged in various advisory services at Top Left Co., Ltd.

Miyuki Tokuda Profile


Including the Japan Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd., he has approximately 200 patent applications and acquisitions as an inventor or applicant for chemicals and microorganisms. He was awarded the 2017 Higashi Kubomiya Memorial Award for his achievements deeply involved in the promotion of intellectual creation.

Naomi Hoshiko Profile


Director of Hoshiko Clinic. We provide alternative medicine only for free medical care aimed at holistic medical care. Famous for performing integrated medicine, cancer treatment, and hydrogen treatment. Specializes in cancer treatment, preventive medicine, anti-aging, dietary education, hydrogen treatment. He was highly evaluated for his contribution to preventive medicine and was awarded the Higashi Kunimiya International Cultural Award.

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Why Miwa Kankyo is chosen?

Customer satisfaction 98%
Repeat rate 90%
Response within 24 hours 95%

We strive to sincerely respond to each and every customer. We will make every effort to improve customer satisfaction.

We have the share of hydrogen and oxygen inhalers in Japan is top-level. It is also widely supported by athletes and individuals.

he returned goods/claim rate is 0%. We will sincerely deal with customers' requests and problems.

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1970年 株式会社三輪環境造形研究所設立/ 1970 Established Miwa Kankyo Research Institute Co., Ltd.

1983年 軽井沢分室開設/1983 Karuizawa branch office opened

1985年 株式会社三輪環境計画に社名変更/1985 Company name changed to Miwa Kankyo Plan Co., Ltd.

1989年 事務所拡張/1989 Office expansion

2001年 現本社(港区西麻布)へ移転/2001 Moved to the current head office (Nishiazabu, Minato-ku)