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High concentration HHO inhaler Miwa Kankyo

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Our business fields

Business field

HHO Project

We provide cell-level physical care including HHO inhaler.


We approach the body at the cellular level, including amino groups, super bio complex, and amino acids.

Global Network

We support corporate management consulting and M&A.


Through soil improvement and water quality improvement, we aim for agriculture that can produce delicious and powerful vegetables.

Environmental Energy

We are proactively incorporating advanced technology against global pollution and global warming.

products information

Product information

hydrogen Inhaler (HHO)
High concentration hydrogen oxygen inhaler. There are three sizes.
100% Organic Sterilizing Antibacterial Spray Virus Killer
A natural antibacterial/bactericidal agent derived from grapefruit seeds.
energy up
It helps improve the fuel efficiency of cars and helps reduce exhaust emissions.
Silk cosmetics line
A cosmetic product that uses silk, which is made of the same amino acids as skin.
Super bio complex
It is a complex bacterium contained as a dominant bacterium.
Garbage processor, Gomiser
It is a machine that eliminates and disposes of raw garbage.
cell activation water 「amino group」 Undiluted solution
Cell activated water Amino group stock solution.
MK consulting
coming soon
About Our



We will expand, provide and lead services so that all people living on earth in Japan, Asia, the Middle East… can live with peace of mind.

We, Miwa Kankyo Co.,Ltd., have provided a relaxing space for 
everyone to live with peace of mind, mainly in the architectural
design, planning and development business. 
In recent years, we have also been focusing on overseas expansion 
and are working on global issues so that people around the world 
can live in peace.

Cell level approach to the body

We develop and provide technologies at the human potential, cell, nerve, blood, and mitochondrial levels.

Future technologies that save the planet

We provide technologies that use the natural powers of the earth and the universe, such as elementary particles, microbes, photons, and magnetic forces.

Proprietary global network

We have unique distribution channels in the Middle East, Russia, Europe and worldwide.

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